Information transmise par Michèle Artigue  le  6 juillet 2009

Information from Zhonghe (John) Wu.
Dr. Zhonghe (John) Wu writes:

I am pleased announce that the Journal of Mathematics Education (JME) 
online version is ready for free public review. The website is We would like 
to invite all mathematics educators to review these online articles 
and provide feedback, if any. 

The Journal of Mathematics Education (JME) is a semi-annual and 
peer-reviewed professional academic research journal. JME aims at 
promoting communication in mathematics education between the United 
States and China as well as between the West and East in general. The 
goal of JME is to provide opportunities for all scholars to conduct 
research on mathematics education, with emphasis on assessment, 
curriculum, instruction, theory, technology, equity, and other issues 
relating to mathematics education. The Journal of Mathematics 
Education is published semi-annually in hard copy (ISSN 1945-7502) 
and online (ISSN 1945-7 448) by Education for All.

We welcome all mathematics education researchers to contribute to 
JME, and we also welcome all mathematics educators to be a reviewer 
and join our peer review process.

Thanks for your support.
Zhonghe (John) Wu, Ph.D.
Mathematics Education @ National University - Costa Mesa, CA
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