Suite du message que j’avais fait suivre précédemment.

Bianca Kramer, sur la liste Scholcom :

As a follow-up to last week’s discussions on the role of Elsevier in the EU Open Science Monitor, I wanted to share with you that a formal complaint has been submitted to the European Ombudsman.

The text of the complaint was drafted collaboratively and openly, and garnered 432 signatures at the time of submission, with the total number of signatories currently exceeding 700.  The document is still open for signatories, and an additional list of signatories will be added to the original submission.

The original opinion piece of Jon Tennant has meanwhile drawn a response not only from Elsevier, but also from the Lisbon Council, the leader of the consortium responsible for the development of the Open Science monitor. For those interested in following the discussion, I’m including a short timeline with links to the relevant pieces.

  • June 29 – opinion piece in The Guardian expressing concerns with Elsevier as the sole subcontractor for the European Commission (EC) Open Science Monitor.
  • July 2 – response by Elsevier on their website, which has also received some comments and annotations.
  • July 3 – point-by-point reply to Elsevier’s response by Jon Tennant on his personal blog
  • July 4 – overview of the discussion to that date by the news outlet Research Professional, including comments from an EC spokesperson
  • July 5 – formal complaint filed with the EU Ombudsman accompanied by 432 signatories
  • July 5 – press release issued by The Lisbon Council, responding to the original Guardian article. This was addressed to the Science Editor of The Guardian.
  • July 6 – point-by-point reply to Lisbon Council’s response by Jon Tennant on his personal blog