Chères et chers collègues,

Benjamin Rott de l’université de Cologne viendra donner une conférence intitulée « Mathematical Problem Solving – Current Findings and Needs in this Research Field » mercredi 4 décembre de 18h15 à 19h45 en salle MR150 d’UniMail à l’Université de Genève.

Vous en trouverez ci-dessous le résumé.

Mathematical Problem Solving – Current Findings and Needs in this Research Field

In research on mathematics education, problem solving has been the subject of discussion since Pólya’s “How to solve it” – sometimes more and sometimes less intensive. In the lecture, important results of respective research are summarized and – using concrete examples – current research projects from Germany are explained, dealing with heuristics, their effectiveness and teachability, as well as problem solving in mathematics instruction at schools and in teacher training.

Finally, I will describe what next steps in the field of problem-solving research could and should look like from my perspective.