Le 6 novembre 2020, est parue l’annonce officielle que la conférence ICME 14 (July 11th−18th, 2021) se déroulera en mode hybride (voir message ci-dessous).

Bien cordialement
Viviane Durand-Guerrier


ICME 14 will be held as a Blended (Hybrid) Conference


Considering the current situation and potential development of COVID19, we (ICME-14 Chair and LOC together with the ICMI Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries General, Incumbent and incoming) decided in a joint online meeting on October 29, 2020 that ICME-14 will be held in a hybrid mode, i.e., it will be held simultaneously in face-to-face form (in Shanghai) as well as online form. The IPC agrees with the decision. The detailed design for integrating two forms in a conference is being discussed and any new updates will be announced once ready.

We wish this decision helps you to make your plan of attending the congress, and, if applicable, we hope you could still try your best to attend the face-to-face congress in Shanghai.

ICME-14 Chair

For further updates about ICME 14- please go here

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