Chères et chers collègues,

J’ai le plaisir de vous faire suivre le message annonçant la publication des actes du congrès INDRUM2020.

Je profite de ce message pour vous souhaiter les meilleures fêtes de fin d’année possibles.


Dear Indrumers,
We are delighted to announce that the INDRUM2020 final Proceedings are now available on the INDRUM2020 website. The direct link to download the pdf is the following:
Papers will be transferred to the HAL archive website during the Christmas holidays and will be visible soon at the following address:
Please, note that the ISSN (a series number) remains the same for all INDRUM conferences. The recommended citation is:
Surname, F. (2020). Title of the contribution. In T. Hausberger, M. Bosch & F. Chelloughi (Eds.), Proceedings of the Third Conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics (INDRUM 2020, 12-19 September 2020) (pp. xx-yy). Bizerte, Tunisia: University of Carthage and INDRUM.
We are attaching to this email our INDRUM2020 editorial as a separate file. We would like to attract your attention to the follow-up section that contains exciting news about two major complementary opportunities to submit an expanded, updated or reworked version of INDRUM2020 contributions for publication in a forthcoming IJMEST or EpiDEMES INDRUM2020 Special Issue to appear in late 2021.
Finally, INDRUM2020 videos of plenary events are currently being processed. We hope to be able to send an update at the beginning of next year with the youtube links.
It is our pleasure to thank all the INDRUM2020 participants again for the energy invested in the INDRUM2020 entreprise. May we all have the best holiday season possible!
Warm wishes,
Thomas, Marianna and Faiza.