Envoyé à la demande de Patricio Herbst

Dear Colleagues,

Jeremy Kilpatrick, recipient of the Felix Klein Medal from ICMI, passed away in September 2022. Many of Jeremy’s academic contributions were recorded in his writings, but many other contributions have remained in the memories of those he worked with. As an academic world traveler, Jeremy connected with many people in different countries and connected people to the field of mathematics education and to each other. Those of us signing this letter, former mentees of Jeremy Kilpatrick, are embarked on an effort to collect memories of Jeremy’s influence on people and communities. Ultimately our goal is to contribute this to the repository of Jeremy’s contributions collected under the ICMI AMOR project.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to participate in an event that we are calling Jeremy Kilpatrick’s Academic Memorial. Two Zoom meetings are envisioned, at times convenient for the Eastern and Western Hemispheres respectively. These will take place on Wednesday, April 26 at 13:00 Singapore Time (GMT+8), and  Friday, April 28 at 1 PM Eastern US Time (GMT-5). At those events, we hope to gather scholars who were influenced by Jeremy Kilpatrick in any of the many ways that influence could be conceived. The event will include short testimonials as well as the opportunity to connect with each other. Please use this linked form to indicate your intention to attend, speak, or share a written testimonial that you’d like to be included in the record. We’d appreciate receiving your response no later than April 21st.

Thank you for helping us keep the memory of our mentor.

Vilma Mesa, Denise Spangler, Gooyeon Kim, Berinderjeet Kaur, Lu Pien Cheng, and Pat Herbst.

Pat Herbst

Professor of Mathematics Education

Editor in Chief, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Marsal Family School of Education | University of Michigan

610 East University Avenue | Room 4117

Ann Arbor, MI | 48109-1259

734.763.3745 | pgherbst@umich.edu